Improving Cycling with Crowd-Sourced Data

Trisalyn Nelson, Director of the School of Geographic Sciences and Urban Planning at Arizona State University has created a crowd sourced website,, that is a unique tool that lets citizens build a database my mapping their riding experience including crashes, near misses, hazardous conditions and bike thefts. Combined with Strava data, this is a valuable tool to assist in bicycle planning decisions. Learn more about how it works and how you can help our community by sharing your data and riding experiences via this app or the website.

Santa Fe Hill Climb Results

Here are the results for the 2019 Santa Fe Hill Climb, and the New Mexico Regional Hill climb Championships :
Pro 1,2,3
place bib number First Last USAC age Time
1 497 Fortunato Ferrara 294241 40 0:58:17
2 400 Mark Aasmundstad 210273 45 1:00:39
3 436 Matthew Bopp 513404 34 1:02:05
4 499 Wristen Paschich 271620 38 1:06:49
5 500 Grant Soehnel 508078 37 1:07:03
1 750 Quinn Abfalterer 501394 20 1:00:38
2 764 David Griffen 532044 33 1:05:48

Santa Fe Hill Climb

The Annual Santa Fe Hill Climb will take place Sunday, August 4th. The race will start at 8:30 AM from the Fort Marcy Recreation Complex. Online Registration is available here: Race day registration will be available for an extra $10.

Bike Maintenance Class

Bike Santa Fe will host a bike maintenance class at rob and charlie's. The classes will be 6:30 pm to 8 pm this fall. Dates will be posted as soon as they are available.

First class: Flat prevention and repair. Learn how to prevent flats and fix one. We will cover patching and replacing tubes.

Second class: Shifters and derailleurs. How to adjust shifters and derailleurs, setting limit screws and adjusting cable tension.

2018 Santa Fe Hill Climb Results

place first name last name bib num USAC num Time
Men Pro,1,2,3
1 Fortunato Ferrara 379 294241 0:56:58
2 Mark Aasmundstat 734 210273 0:58:13
3 Tyrel Fuchs 735 439756 1:01:31
4 Grady Fowler 738 468720 1:01:59
5 Philip Neis 737 378616 1:01:59
6 Wristen Paschich 741 271620 1:04:53
7 Shawn Hall 736 120730 1:05:05
8 Matthew Bopp 721 513404 1:06:19
9 Chris Abbott 739 1019 1:07:04
10 Reed Soehnel 742 466133 1:07:09
11 Mark Tremlett 723 347850 1:13:34

Cycling makes you younger!

Or at least make your heart effectively younger. According to cardiologist Dr Ben Levine, regular aerobic exercise like cycling can make the heart of a 50 year old like that of a 35 year old. Read the article here:

2018 Bike Map is out

The new bike map is now available. We have plenty at the shop, come on by and get one.

Hays Apple Farm Cyclocross

One of NM coolest cross races is this Saturday, December 17th in Bosque Farms. Registration starts at 10, races at 11. See for details.


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