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Giant Trance Advanced 1
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Bikes Available 9/08/2022

BMX Bikes are here. We have BMX bikes from Fit, Haro, Redline Premium, and DK. We have a good selection of youth bikes. We now have a reasonable selection of mountain bikes, including some dual suspension. We have a few road bikes, and some gravel bikes. We have some commuter bikes and a good selection of E-bikes.

Covid-19 has created more cyclists:How cities can keep them on bikes

As physical distancing measures to limit the spread of COVID-19 begin to relax in some countries and people return to work, the fears surrounding transportation and commuting continue to weigh on the minds of many.

Once popular options like public transit and ridesharing, such as Uber, now carry the risk of potentially exposing riders to COVID-19. The Toronto Transit Commission recently reported that even if it operated at only 30 per cent of capacity, roughly 510,000 riders, passengers would not be able to keep a safe distance from each other.

Why bike shops are crazy

Trying to buy a bike, or to get one worked on can be a very trying experience right now. The entire world is running out of bikes under $2000. The bike industry lost a month or two of production due to the COVID19. Then as the virus hit the U.S., bike demand tripled. So every shop, every manufacturer is totally sold out. We have a couple hundred bikes on back order, and these will trickle in over the next few months. Parts are in a great shortage, $20-30 replacement tires are gone. Tubes are very scarce. Shimano is totally out of rear derailleurs for 6,7,8 and 9 speeds.

Covid-19 and bike shops

The State of New Mexico has finally recognized bike maintenance as an essential service. Thanks to the Santa Fe Reporter for covering this:

Covid-19 and bike shops

The State of New Mexico has finally recognized bike maintenance as an essential service. Thanks to the Santa Fe Reporter for covering this:

Covid-19 and cyclists

Even very fit healthy cyclists can get Covid-19. Here is one story:

So maintain Social Distancing, wash your hands stay out of groups and we can all make it through this pandemic.

Corona Virus Closure? We are open (for now).

Are bike shops an essential business? In some places yes, in others no. We do not know how New Mexico defines this area. With the Governor's order broadcast just an hour ago, we are intending to stay open if we can. Please email us at, or call us at 505-471-9119 to confirm our status. If you do come, please follow Social Distancing guidelines and stay 6 feet from other people. We are disinfecting regularly and trying to be socially responsible. A bicycle may be the MOST socially responsible mode of transportation.

Open on Sundays

We are now open on Sundays, 12pm to 5 pm, starting Sunday March 8th.

Seniors on Bikes Basic Bike Class

If there are people you know that would benefit from riding a bicycle but need to get in shape or are a bit intimated by a large group such as the SOBs then this is a great opportunity for them. The Basic Biking class is the same one that we did last year.

This 10 week course will be taught by Edwin Crosswhite, a League Certified Instructor (LCI #221). Edwin taught 30 years as a public school teacher and has 45 years of experience training bicyclist of all ages to improve their skills. Julie, Judy, Lynn and Ruben will be assisting him if needed.

Bike Maintenance Class

Bike maintenance classes will resume when the Covid situation allows.


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